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Sleep Consultant Services

​Building and preserving healthy attachments is a priority in my work as a doula and sleep consultant. I specialize in gentle sleep coaching, utilizing your unique parenting style and your child’s personality, emotional wellbeing and development. Rather than a quick fix, one-size-fits-all approach, we will create a plan together that fits your family’s sleep goals and that you can feel confident in. My sleep plans are based on parental presence while your child learns new sleep skills.

My values:​

  • Babies and toddlers need their caregivers to help regulate their emotions.

  • For the brain to learn, we have to feel safe and can not be in a “fight or flight”-state.

  • Children can learn to develop sleep skills when they are developmentally ready.

  • We communicate to young children through consistency.

  • Not knowing what to expect due to a lack of consistency can cause sleep anxiety, night wakings and more crying. 

  • Parents can gently show consistent boundaries while holding space for their children so they can safely express their emotions and develop new skills.

Whether your child sleeps in a crib, you bed share or co-sleep, I can support you with reaching your sleep goals:

  • Transition to crib, toddler or montessori bed in your child’s own room or in the parents room​

  • Minimizing night wakings 

  • Consolidating or weaning from night feedings (depending on your child's age, feeding method and nutritional needs)

  • Ending bedtime struggles

Zoom Sleep Consultation - $500 

  • 1-hour consultation during which we will co-create the plan

  • Unlimited text or emails for 3 weeks after beginning the sleep plan

  • Optional 1 hour follow up call to ask questions, discuss the process and coach other caregivers (grandparents, nanny, etc) on how to implement the plan

Add-on phone call -  1hr/$100 

For clients who have had a full consultation but have more questions after completing the package.


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