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Your Questions Answered

Baby laying in crib, reaching for mobile hanging above him
  • What is your philosophy when working with families?
    I hope to contribute to a joyful and successful postpartum experience for your entire family. That means to me: Family-Centered Approach: I believe every family is unique, and my role is to tailor my support to your specific needs and goals. Partnership and Collaboration: I view myself as a partner on your parenting journey, working collaboratively with you to create a nurturing and supportive environment for all members of your family. Empowerment and Confidence: My goal is to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to feel confident and capable in your new roles as parents. Respect and Empathy: I prioritize creating a safe and judgment-free space where you can openly express your concerns and feelings. Holistic Well-being: I understand that postpartum well-being encompasses physical, emotional, and mental health. I'll support you in all these areas to ensure a smooth transition into parenthood.
  • What kind of support do you offer to new parents as a Postpartum Doula?
    Guidance I see my role as being your cheerleader. I will guide you with science-based advice and empathy so that you can feel confident in your parenting skills. Parent’s Sleep Sleep deprivation is a form of torture but also a reality for new parents. I will stay up all night so you can sleep and rest assured that your baby is well cared for. Feedings I will support you in whatever way you choose to feed your baby - be that breastfeeding, pumping, or using formula. Bonding My priority is to promote bonding and a secure attachment for you and your baby. Babies thrive, and become more independent, happy children when they know they are safe (Winston, R., & Chicot, R. (2016). There is no such thing as spoiling a newborn. Baby’s Sleep I encourage babies to sleep well by creating a conducive sleep environment and age-appropriate routines. I do not use rigid schedules and will not let little ones cry themselves to sleep.
  • What sets you apart from other doulas?
    I am always alert and have a watchful eye on your little one. While some Doulas take cat naps when the baby sleeps, I prefer to stay awake. This allows me to react quickly to your and your baby's needs. I'm here to provide you with all the science-based information you need to make an informed decision. Open communication is key. I will actively listen to your needs and tailor my care to create personalized support that best suits your unique situation. You can trust me to be consistently reliable. I will arrive promptly and be fully present throughout our time together. Your family's health is my priority. I maintain up-to-date vaccinations (Tdap, measles, flu, Covid-19), and if I ever feel unwell, I'll notify you immediately.
  • What does a regular night look like?
    My goal is to get everyone as much sleep as possible. I usually arrive at your house at 9 or 10 pm. I will check in with you about how the day went, answer any questions, and discuss concerns or new developments. I will take care of your baby so you can sleep. As a Certified Lactation Educator, I can assist with positioning and latch for optimal comfort and milk transfer. I'm happy to clean and assemble your pumping supplies and can answer any questions about scheduling pumping sessions or storing breast milk. If you are using formula, you can stay asleep while I feed your baby. I change your baby's diaper with every feeding and as needed throughout the night. After the feedings, I will burp, soothe, and swaddle your baby so your little one is comfortable and content until their next feeding. When the baby is asleep I am happy to do light chores like washing bottles and pumping supplies, folding laundry, or emptying the dishwasher. I can track feedings, diapers, and sleep in an app or send you an email summarizing your baby's night.
  • What kind of schedule is right for my family?
    Many families choose overnight support for 4 nights a week, typically for 6 to 12 weeks. A popular schedule is Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, but I'm happy to work with you to create a custom plan that fits your preferences. Whether you need more or fewer nights or prefer different days, just let me know! The first few days after bringing your new baby (or adding to your growing family) home from the hospital can be a whirlwind of emotions and adjustments. My presence in those early days fosters a smoother transition. It allows you time to settle in, bond with your baby, and catch up on much-needed sleep. Meanwhile, I can ensure feedings are established efficiently for your baby's weight gain, giving you peace of mind about their well-being.
  • How can you support me if I want to breastfeed?
    I understand that breastfeeding can be a beautiful yet challenging journey. No matter your goals, as a Certified Lactation Educator, I'm here to provide gentle support and guidance. Whether you're seasoned in breastfeeding or just starting out, I can help you establish a comfortable latch and positioning for optimal milk transfer. This ensures your baby receives what they need to thrive while allowing you to focus on the precious moments of connection during feeding time. If any concerns arise, like tongue ties or milk supply, don't worry! I'll connect you with amazing lactation consultants who specialize in helping mothers overcome these hurdles.
  • How do you support my partner?
    My goal is to provide support that allows you to thrive in your new role as a partner and parent. As your Postpartum Doula I provide: Confidence Boost: The early days with a newborn can feel overwhelming. I can offer guidance and support as you learn the ropes of caring for your baby, and building your confidence and competence. Emotional Support: Partners can experience feelings of stress, anxiety, or adjustment difficulties. I can provide a safe space to express your concerns and offer a listening ear without judgment. Role Exploration: Newborn care can leave little room for nurturing your relationship. I can help you find ways to connect and support each other during this time of adjustment. Communication and Teamwork: I can help facilitate open communication between you and your partner, fostering a collaborative approach to parenting.
  • Can you support me if I have Postpartum Depression or Anxiety?
    I understand that postpartum depression and anxiety are real challenges that can affect new parents. Here's how I can support you: Experience and Empathy: I have experience working with clients who have faced postpartum depression and anxiety. This allows me to offer sensitive and informed support. Emotional Support: I can provide a safe space for you to express your feelings without judgment. Having someone to listen and offer encouragement can be a huge relief. Practical Help: I can help with daily tasks like caring for your baby light housework, and allowing you more time for self-care and rest. This can significantly reduce stress and contribute to your overall well-being. Connection to Resources: I can provide information and resources on postpartum depression and anxiety, including local support groups, therapists, and online resources. Early intervention is key, and I'm here to help you find the professional support you may need. Here's what I can't do: Diagnose or treat postpartum depression or anxiety. It's important to seek professional medical advice if you suspect you may be experiencing these challenges. My goal is to create a supportive and nurturing environment that allows you to focus on healing and bonding with your new baby. You don't have to go through this alone. I am a member of the Postpartum Health Alliance and Postpartum Support International.
  • What does the booking process look like?
    1. Initial Contact: Get in touch with me! We can chat over email or phone to discuss your needs and how I can best support your family. 2. Getting to Know You: To ensure a perfect fit, we'll schedule a zoom or in-home consultation. This allows us to chat comfortably in your own space and see if we have a good connection. Feeling 100% comfortable with me caring for you and your baby is essential. 3. Agreement & Contract: If we both feel like a great match, we'll move forward with a contract outlining the timeframe and support schedule. 4. Early Bird Booking Bonus: Book in advance, and if I'm available, I'll offer one week of on-call support before your due date! This ensures I'm there for you the very day you bring your baby home, even if they decide to arrive a little early.
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